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新しい国 / New place again



I have arrived in Cambodia a few days ago, but still have not properly walked in the streets...(by the way, it is really hot and humid here...). In the meantime, I will attach the river view from the hotel. Living in a dry country with dried up rivers for a while, I feel really impressed with these big rivers. Photos of the city, with all the green and flowers, will follow soon.

沖縄/ Japanese beach


I took a few days off and took 2 planes to Okinawa, the southern islands of Japan in March. It was a beautiful place as you can see in the photos, and furthermore completely hastle-free and relaxing! The sea was really nice and clear; beyond my expectations.


姪/ Niece



The major change at home was the presence of my niece. She was still under 12 months, but she was constantly changing facial expressions, would walk around everywhere by herself, and was sort of jumping around joyfully; really really cute. Whenever she visits, I can't help playing with her, and then time really flies. I also spent a lot of time at the kitchen doorway challenging her entry when I was trying to cook dinner: she was really eager to go in and play around with the cooker and all the interesting stuff, which were all a bit dangerous for her.

京都/ Authentic Japan?




I spent New Years Day in Japan for 2006. Last year, I spent the day in Sri Lanka for assisting tsunami victims. Though I was planning to spend this most important holiday for Japanese at home with my family, suddenly the happy season changed into that of extreme sorrow.
While listening to live jazz as the year passed by, I was recalling all what happened during 2005. It had felt incredibly long, with quite a number of things passing by.


Since I had few opportunities to travel within Japan during the past years, I decided to drop by Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, on my way back from my Grandmonther's. Because of the cold weather, there were few tourists in the area, and I was able to enjoy the calmness of the temples etc. However, it was slightly too cold and I caught the flu there...After my fever reached almost 40C*, I somehow started to fear it may be bird flu! ; that I may have been infected during my stay in E (we had poultry projects there). Fortunately, it turned out to a type of human flu...thank god!

移動しました/ Change in landscape




I have just sort of re-started things and have decided to go on with this blog as well. I will try to fill in what happened during the months.

I left the country in Dec 2005. I just couldn't manage myself very well, though it was a pleasant place to stay in general. I took a break in Jordan, where my friends were all amazingly kind and warm in receiving me. It was only 3 months, but for me it felt like I had left Jordan years ago. Anyway, I was extremely happy to be there and realised I have become a bit attached to the place.

After throwing a Christmas party with former colleagues (though most of them were not Christian...my former Catholic boss, one of the exceptions, seemed to have no intensions whatsoever to perform his religious duties...just getting drunk 'yopparai' with the rest of the Japanese gang), I got off the plane at Cairo. By chance my closest friends happened to be there, and we enjoyed a very nice chat with them. Though I wished we had more time.
After they left, I spent a day wondering around the city and paid a visit to the pyramids. I really liked the city; it has really nice atmosphere though it is so big and the traffic is incredible.


現場にまた行ってきました/ The field again



I came back from the field. The climate was cooling down a bit, but still it is hot, especially compared to the City. At late afternoon, I felt quite tired because of the heat.
The whole area was busy with the harvest. After years of drought, they finally had good rain. However, in our site area, there was no rain for 3 weeks during the most important period for crop growth. Therefore their harvest was not as good as they expected. Nature is really diffcult...

ヨルダン/ Thinking of Jordan


I was truly shocked by the Amman bombings and burst out crying almost instantly. We were told it will happen; there were always many warnings. and it finally did.
Since I was also on alert about things going on in/with Ethiopia, I have been tuning in to the news quite intensively for the past weeks. However, I am avoiding the news there days. Paying close attention to everything going on in the world is way too depressing sometimes. In a way if you are into peace studies stuff, I guess it is inevitable, you cant get away from all the suffering in the world.

I was thinking of dropping by in Jordan for the winter holidays, to feel the sunset and the stars in the desert, and to relax at the Dead sea spa. I feel really sad that even more people will find it difficult to visit; it is a beautiful country with amazing landscape (as in the pictures)

寒くなってきました/ It is getting cold here


Things have been a bit hectic here...
It is getting colder and colder. Since the city is about 2,300m above sea level, it is quite chilly in the mornings and evenings. below 50F. In the daytime it is nice and warm, but after...for me, getting out of bed itself is a challenge.

毎日いい天気/ Everyday is sunny


Everyday is a beautiful day here, except during the rainy season. It does make you feel really happy, but on the other hand I do mind the sun rays. And so does my mother.
As the photos show you, the city really has an atmosphere. Whenever I feel incredibly irritated and disguised because of extreme bureaucracy at any of the offices, I could feel my hard feelings dissolve while I see the streets pass by through the car window.

街角/ In the street


It seems that the 3rd is the Islamic festival Eid Al-Fetir and will be a public holiday. I know that in most countries, you can't know which day it will actually fall upon until just before. However, here you don't know if the next day is the holiday until the 20:00 the night before. A bit difficult to arrange your plans, but you have to go along with it!
In this country, the population is half Chrisitan and half Muslim, and they seem to go along well. I heard that some radical groups have an agenda to reform the society on Islamic fundamentalism, but looking at some people drinking beer from daytime in the capital...well, I would think things may not be so smooth for them.

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Hi, this is Y... I started this blog when I arrived in Africa, a new part of the world for me, so that I can share my experience. Now I am in another part of the world, but still would like to share what I see!